Ways to take care of your cars A/C

Carstar Metropolitan Auto Body and Paint - Ways to take care of your cars AC

Do you take care of your cars A/C ? Summer is here and that means using your cars A/C a lot more often than usual because of the warmer weather. The summer heat can cause more wear and tear on an air conditioning unit because of the increased use. Driving without a properly working A/C unit can be dreadful and potentially dangerous with the ranges in higher temperature. It’s important to take care of your cars A/C during the summer, so you can drive your car feeling the cool breeze blowing through your cars A/C

CarStar Metropolitan recommends these ways to take care of your cars A/C

Maintain Routine Service Checks

Taking in your car for routine service can give your cars A/C the attention it needs to perform at its best. When an A/C isn’t maintained properly, there are a variety of problems that can occur with the unit preventing the release of cool air into your car. Bring your car into CarStar Metropolitan Auto Body and Paint  and we will give your cars A/C a complete comprehensive check and let you know if there are any maintenance issues going on.

Check Freon Levels

Freon is the coolant that helps cool down your A/C so it doesn’t blow warm air. When a car is low on coolant, the A/C will begin to blow out warm condensed air from the air conditioning vents. The A/C in your car should be able to blow a temperature around 50 degrees below the outside weather. A trained auto technician can adjust your freon levels to bring your cars A/C back to working order.

Wait Before you Turn on the A/C

During the summer months, the hot air can be unbearable, especially in your car. Most people turn on their A/C as soon as they get into their car to produce cooler air, however, this actually can make your A/C work much harder. CarStar Metropolitan Auto Body and Paint recommends waiting till your car has been running for a few minutes in order for the engine warm-up. Your cars A/C works better when your car is moving vs when you are sitting in a parking lot. Waiting to turn on your cars A/C will also prevent hot air from blowing out the vents.

Changing the Filter

One of the ways your cars A/C produces cool air is by having a clean air filter. When the air filter in your car is dirty, it can prevent your car from being able to produce clean cool air. Air filters trap collection of dirt and debris from the outside air, so over time, the filters become extremely dirty and clogged. A cars air filter should be replaced every 15,000 to 30,000 miles to help keep the cars A/C running properly.

Improve Air Effiency

When you get into your car you may plan on turning the cars A/C to full blast, especially on a hot summer day. Turning on your cars A/C to full blast can lessen the efficiency of your car and use up more gas. The best approach to your cars A/C is starting it off on a lower setting, then gradually adjusting it up to full blast.

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