5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in Your Car

Carstar Metropolitan Auto Body and Paint - 5 Valentines Day Date Ideas in Your Car

If you’re not the traditional Valentine’s Day type of a romantic dinner and a movie, then you might want to consider going outside the box for your significant other. Having a date that simply involves your car can be fun and exceptionally, very affordable. Check out these fun five car date ideas you can surprise your loved one with this holiday.

5 Date Ideas You Can Have in Your Car

1. Scenic Drive

Map out a scenic drive in your city or town to drive through. Whether it’s a view with an ocean or just twinkling lights through downtown, taking a scenic drive is a romantic way to engage and enjoy with your loved one. Plan this before or after dinner so you both have something to look forward to!

2. Stargazing

What can be more romantic than stargazing? Take a drive out together, lay out some blankets and snacks, and enjoy the evening under the stars. You both will have your privacy for intimate conversations and will definitely be a memorable holiday.

3. Drive-In Movie

Grab some comfy blankets, pillows, and load up the car with drinks and snacks to the drive-in movies! Your date will definitely be surprised as this classic, romantic date idea will be a night to remember. Snuggle up to a movie you both will enjoy together and dress comfortably.

4. Watch the Sunset

Why not double up a picnic while watching the sunset? You can’t go wrong with this romantic date idea with your favorite foods and drinks while conversing under the beautiful sunset skies. Play some romantic tunes and bring a picnic blanket to sit, of course.

5. Luxury Car Date

If your city or town offers it, you can rent out a luxury ride for the night. From exotic imports to a classy limo, arrive at your romantic dinner or event in a vehicle that is out of the norm. This is a great way to amp up your evening out!

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