Top Benefits of Energy Efficient Cars

Carstar Metropolitan Auto Body and Paint - Top Benefits of Energy Efficient Cars

Energy efficiency has been a hot topic when it comes to buying new cars. With gas prices climbing, customers are looking to save money with an energy efficient car. Fuel economy is one of the top aspects to look at when buying a car, so some people are willing to pay the extra money for an environmentally friendly vehicle. Not only will you be saving on gas, but there are many other benefits of energy efficient cars, says CarStar Metropolitan Auto Body and Paint.

Reduction in oil dependence

Since our economy is dependent on other countries for oil, gas prices gradually increase. By reducing the amount of petroleum used, we can dramatically reduce the cost and dependence of imported oil. When buying or renting a car, focus on the energy impact score which will show you the amount of petroleum used by the vehicle each year.

Size and weight

Bigger vehicles tend to be less fuel efficient since the bigger and heavier a car is, the more energy and power it needs to run. That being said, the weight of the vehicle is one of the biggest problems with fuel economy.

Cleaner Air

Since the car is receiving less fuel consumption, there is less smoke coming out of the exhaust resulting in cleaner air. Cars emit air pollutants that are big contributors of smog. Fuel cell vehicles do not emit harmful pollutants, therefore, providing the environment with cleaner air.

Environmentally friendly

Many people buy energy efficient cars because of the fact that it helps the environment. Fuel cell vehicles provide cleaner air like mentioned above since they are powered by pure hydrogen and only emit heat and water.

Infrastructure Availability

Flexible fueling is a big benefit for those interested in energy efficient cars. The electric grid is in close proximity to most locations making it easy to charge overnight, at a workplace, or public charging station. In 2018, there were nearly 50,000 outlets provided for charging stations and the numbers are only increasing.


Purchase prices for these cars can be significantly higher than conventional vehicles. However, the fuel cost for hybrid and plug-in electric cars are generally lower. As production volumes increase and battery technology continues to mature, the prices for energy efficient cars are likely to decrease.

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