Parking Etiquette Every Driver Needs to Know

Carstar Metropolitan Auto Body and Paint - Parking Etiquette Every Driver Needs to Know

When entering a parking lot, parking etiquette must remain on. Many people tend to forget they are not the only ones on the road and everything they learned from driving school has been thrown out the window.

Let’s tap into those days when we first learned how to drive – the days we were oh so cautious and abided by every rule on the road to avoid being a lazy parker. Read below for parking etiquette rules that CarStar Metropolitan believes everyone needs to at least be aware of.

Parking Etiquette Rules to Abide By

1. Don’t be lazy

We have all been there at some point in our lives and that is circling the parking lot just to find that perfect spot in the front. But, if after five minutes there is not a spot available then it might be time to make your way to the back of the parking lot. The waiting and circling just cause more unnecessary traffic that can easily be avoided.

2. Stay in the lines

Just like you stay in the lines on the freeway, stay in the lines in the parking lot. Avoid being the jerk that parks over the line making it harder for the vehicle next to you to park or back out.

3. Avoid being creepy

Avoid being that person that follows a person to their car just to get the perfect spot. It makes people feel very uncomfortable and holds up other cars on the road. If you happen to be next to the person who is near their car, feel free to ask them if they are leaving. This removes the tension and the creep factor.

4. One-way roads

Read the signs on the road. If the parking lot lines are slanted diagonally, it’s a good sign the parking lot is a one-way road. If lines are perpendicular, the parking lot is most likely a two-way road. Drive in the direction of the signs to avoid poorly parking your vehicle.

5. Use turn signals

This is very helpful for vehicles to know whether they need to go around you or wait behind you. Turn signals are helpful if you’re looking to claim a spot. On the flip side, if someone is using their turn signal to claim a spot then do not jump in and grab the parking spot. Find a different one or wait for your turn.

6. Obey the speed limit

Be mindful that in a parking lot there will be pedestrians walking to and from their cars. Also, driving the speed limit will ensure that you see any drivers backing out. This will help avoid any fender benders or serious accidents. Slower speeds will protect everyone in the parking lot.

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