How to Travel With Your Dog in Your Car

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Bringing your canine friend along for a ride or road trip can always be a fun time. Like traveling with a child, traveling with your dog require lots of preparation for their comfort, health, and safety. Whether you’re traveling across country or taking a drive around town, check out these 5 important tips to make every car ride with your furry friend enjoyable.

5 Tips For Traveling by Car With Your Dog

1. Make them comfortable

Know what’s best for your dog by considering how car rides make them feel. Do they get anxiety when riding in the car? It’s common for dogs to get car sick easily and just how every dog is different, see how they react when being in a car. If your dog isn’t use to riding in the car with you, slowly ease them by introducing them to the idea.

2. Keep them secure

Your dog will definitely appreciate you keeping them safe and secure when riding in the car. There are many options for you to invest in like back seat hammocks, harness seat belts, guard nets, or kennel/crates. Find what works best for the both of you, so they aren’t roaming around the vehicle which can cause accidents or injury for them.

3. Plan for rest stops

Especially if you’re planning a road trip, plan out rest stops for you and your pup to stretch your legs. Take the time to hydrate, feed, or let your dog do their business. In addition, it’ll help them rest and relax a lot better after getting fresh air.

4. Bring their essentials

Don’t forget to bring along their treats, food, water, and other essentials needed for the trip. Keep their doggy bowls on hand, as well as toys and blankets that will keep them occupied while you drive.

5. Drive safe

Defensive driving is the best way to go when driving with your dog in your car. When in doubt, pull over! If you’re traveling in extreme heat, never leave them alone in your vehicle and always keep them hydrated.

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