How to Handle a Car Battery Dying?

Carstar Metropolitan Auto Body and Paint - How to Handle A Car Battery Dying

Whatever happens, do not panic. The battery of the car has three very important jobs: starting, lighting, and igniting. Now say that three times fast. A dead battery or a car battery dying happens from time to time whether it is from human error, corrosion, or cooler months. Let these tips from CarStar Metropolitan Auto Body and Paint sink in now before having to manually push your car down the road.

You Can’t Change the Weather

Unfortunately, the colder months lead to more dead batteries. Since you cannot change the weather, take note of your batteries life expectancy and do routine checks. There are symptoms that your battery might be losing steam so keep an eye out for any changes. Get your battery tested from a nearby auto shop and take note of your batteries life expectancy.


If there is any gunk under the hood, or specifically near the points of contact near your battery, then your alternator might not be doing a great job of recharging the battery. Some signs of corrosion are a white powdery substance and blue or green growths. Feel free to clean off the dirt and grime with a dry rag or a stiff wire brush, but be very careful as you do so.

Human Error

From time to time, mistakes do happen. Unfortunately, headlights have been left on leading to battery death. It is unfortunate and frustrating, but either this has happened to you or someone you know. Try positioning your car at a different angle once you get home to notice if your light has been left on.

Jumper Cables

This one is pretty obvious as everyone seems to have jumper cables in their car. The trick is to find someone nice enough to give you a jump. Sometimes this works right away and other times the situation is a little more serious.

If you find it intimidating asking a stranger to jump your car, there are services out there that arrive within minutes to give you a jump.


An inexpensive way to be prepared is by purchasing jumper cables to leave in your car. Keep them in a bag in the trunk for easy access in case you will need them during the colder months.

Also, in the case that you are out and notice your car battery has died or that your car battery is dying, leave extra jackets and blankets in the car just in case you are waiting longer than expected.

Using Jumper Cables

Before you begin, make sure to have your car parked in a safe location. Remember this sequence: Red Bad, Red Good, Black Good, and then ground it. If that does not make enough sense, attach the red cable to the bad battery, then attach the red cable to the good battery, and then attach the black cable to the negative terminal of the good battery. The very last clip goes for the strut or any unpainted metal surface. Once everything has been hooked up, turn the good car on and let the cars go to work.

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