GMC Collision Repair Center Las Vegas

As a GMC owner, the last thing you want is getting involved in an auto accident– no matter how big or small the damage. At CarStar Metropolitan Las Vegas, we specialize in collision repair and restoration for all GMC models, makes, and years. We are proud to serve the GMC community of Las Vegas for over 20 years.

Our 36,000 square foot facility is the ultimate go-to shop for all your GMC car repair needs. Our “Class A” auto body repair shop is equipped with industry-standard equipment, tools, materials, and machinery to restore your GMC professionally, accurately, and in an ideal timeframe. Here at CarStar Metropolitan, we are proud to have the precise parts and materials needed to operate and restore your GMC back to new.

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Our team strives to repair your GMC back to its safety, comfort, and performance GMC has originally designed and engineered every model to be. Our ASE and I-Car Platinum certified technicians and specialists know your GMC from the inside out. With many years of professional experience and rigorous training, we make it a requirement to undergo mandatory checkpoint inspections throughout the entire process of your GMC’s repair and restoration.

With over 60 years of industry experience combined, our team has what it takes to ensure a smooth and worry-free auto repair experience. As a GMC owner, we are aware that you are entitled to every bit of information and detail that your vehicle goes through throughout the entire process.

Our 5-star customer service concierge will work closely with you with every step of the way and will give you the latest updates and details that is occurring with your auto collision repair to ensure you that you are always in good hands. With our superb workmanship and integrity we strive to you and your GMC vehicle back on the roads better than before. Did you know that our auto body collision shop is family owned and operated? We are excited to have you apart of our family and our goal is to have you feeling confident when driving back on the roads.

You’ll love your GMC better than before! If you and your GMC has been in a recent accident or looking to get a few repairs done on your vehicle, feel free to stop by our auto body shop conveniently located in central Las Vegas.

Call us today at 702-792-6220 for more information!