5 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

Carstar Metropolitan Auto Body and Paint - 5 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

As spring is upon us, we can finally get excited for beautiful weather! But with warm weather, comes a number of things to prepare our vehicles for. You want your car to function properly, maximize safety for you and your passengers, and avoid expensive future repairs. Check out these five simple ways to get your car road-ready to springtime!

How to Prepare Your Car For Spring

1. Car wash

With spring comes spring cleaning– so start with your car! Take the time to clean the inside and outside of your car. Avoid rust and winter build-up with a wash and wax. You also might consider vacuuming your car’s interior which can be saturated with salt, water, and dirt.

2. Check tires

If you currently have your snow tires on, now is the time to put them away for next season. Be sure to wash your winter tires thoroughly before storage and get your summer/spring tires on! After you get your spring tires on, get them professionally inspected (tire pressure), rotated and aligned so you can drive smoothly and safely on the roads.

3. Check oil and fluids

The last thing you want is your car breaking down in hot weather. Get your car’s vitals checked including your oil, fluids, and filters. This keeps your engine healthy and running smoothly, plus it would cost a lot of money to replace when not attended to. Take the time to get everything checked– it’ll be worth it!

4. Wiper blades

Snow, ice, and rain can take a toll on your car’s windshield during the wintertime. Get your wiper blades replaced if you notice them squeaking or streaking. Be sure you measure your wiper blades so your news ones fit perfectly.

5. Battery

Our car battery works extremely hard, especially in extreme heat. Take a look at your battery and replace with a new one if needed. When in doubt, take it into your local auto shop and get your battery tested and professionally restored.

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