The Benefits of a Tire Rotation

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An essential part of the life of your tires is tire rotation. However, having your tires rotated during regularly scheduled services also has many other benefits that car owners may fail to consider. While a car owner can perform this project themselves, many experts recommend getting tires rotated by an experienced mechanic to make sure it’s done correctly, and for maximum benefits.

5 Reasons to Get your Tires Rotated

1. Gas Mileage

You can keep your car from burning through more gas by rotating your tires regularly. The vehicle’s pull and friction are reduced when tire wear is even. Additionally, this also means traction and stability are increased. You can improve your car’s overall gas mileage which helps save at your next gas tank fill up.

2. Vehicle Performance

Have you ever felt the difference between driving your car before and after a tire rotation? If so, you’ll know how much of a difference it is. Having your tires rotated assists with better steering, handling, braking, and the drive is a lot more smooth due to balanced tires. Single tire rotation helps with tire traction, which is especially helpful in regions that have snow or rainfall.

3. Tire Tread Life

Extend the life in your tires with habitual tire rotations. Vehicles undergo constant temperature and weather changes, harsh climates, and they can even fall victim to poor driving habits. To avoid pattern wear and other issues with your tires, just focus on giving them a bit more love and attention with regular rotation and care.

4. Decreased Vibration and Noise

When tires that have uneven wear are driven on, they tend to cause increased vehicle vibration. This can be especially noticeable in the steering wheel. Unevenly-worn tires can also result in increased road noise, such as screeching when making turns. Both of these issues can be alleviated by rotating tires regularly.

5. The Benefits of a Tire Rotation Are Good All Around

The benefits of a tire rotation will extend the lifespan of tires for a multitude of reasons. There are many factors that contribute to tire wear-and-tear such as the outdoor temperature, driving habits, and terrain. Periodically rotating tires helps keep wear even and balanced amongst all wheels. Vehicles that are equipped with front-wheel drive will typically have increased wear on the front tires. By rotating these tires regularly with the back tires, you can extend the life of all of your tires on these vehicles by up to 20 percent.

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