Basic Car Maintenance Checklist

Carstar Metropolitan Auto Body and Paint - Basic Car Maintenance Checklist

Las Vegas doesn’t have to deal with icy roads and bad weather, most of the time. However, you might be planning to take a road trip to visit friends or relatives from the other parts of the country. In that case, you’ll want to make extra preparations for your trip. On the other hand, if you stay in a warmer climate, the change of weather may still affect your car’s overall performance. In any case, CarStar Metropolitan’s basic car maintenance checklist will help you keep your car in its best shape.

Car Maintenance 101

To maximize your car’s driving efficiency, you have to make an effort to ensure your vehicle is in its best shape. Not only can this prevent you from accidents, but it can also help you save money in the bigger picture. The benefits of maintaining your car are countless, so keeping up with a basic car maintenance checklist will always be worth it.

Scheduled Maintenance Services

Especially for newer cars, your vehicle will notify you of regularly scheduled maintenance around every five thousand miles. It is advised to never skip a car maintenance appointment so that it is kept in good shape throughout the year, we recommend every season; summer, spring, fall, and winter. By keeping a regular maintenance schedule, you will always know what parts need replacement, and when.

Have Your Oil Changed

Don’t ignore an oil change because this will not only keep your warranty updated, but it will also save you from future headaches. If not maintained properly, it can lead to engine failure which can become very expensive. This may vary if you have a newer, energy-efficient vehicle.

Check Your Battery

Changing temperatures cause your engine currents to fluctuate and it needs the battery to start properly. Regular battery maintenance is always recommended.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Cut down on tire wear and tear while improving your car’s fuel efficiency by checking your tire pressure regularly.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

You should always invest in new windshield wiper blades after about a year of use.

Replace Air Filters

You will improve your vehicle’s acceleration by a few percents and it’s fuel economy when you replace and maintain your air filter. This can be checked by your mechanic at your regularly scheduled maintenance service.

The Bottom Line
Taking care of your car isn’t just about having a good-looking ride; it’s also about having a safe and efficient vehicle in the future! Give your car the love it deserves now by keeping up with the above basic car maintenance checklist to ensure it lasts throughout the miles!

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