5 Fuel Saving Driving Tips

Carstar Metropolitan Auto Body and Paint - 5 Fuel Saving Driving Tips

Gas prices at the pump can be a strain, especially if you’re one that has a car that eats up a lot of gas or just have horrible driving habits. Luckily for you, CarStar Metropolitan has rounded up a few tips to help you saving gas for your car and your wallet!

5 Fuel Saving Driving Tips

1. Regular car maintenance

Not only is it important to keep your tires pumped and rotated regularly, but getting your car serviced when it needs to can help you save time and money at the gas pump. Getting your car looked at by the professionals can help your car run a lot better overall.

2. Keep windows closed

When your windows are kept open, especially when driving at high speeds on a highway, it increases the drag on the vehicle. This is a no-go on your car’s gas mileage as it can use up to 10% of your fuel economy. Save those windows for beautiful days out!

3. Avoid bad driving habits

If you’re one that tends to drive at high speeds, gassing the pedal when the light turn green, or a hard braker, your car is using gas– and a lot of it. If you’re looking to save money and gas, consider driving more responsible and smart. Keep a steady driving distance between other cars and slowly accelerate at green lights or when merging. You’ll definitely notice a difference.

4. Plan routes ahead

You can save a ton of gas when you plan your routes ahead of time. Need to run errands? Do them in one trip rather than breaking them up throughout the day. We mention the same tip in our Valentine’s car date ideas. In addition, try avoiding rush hour as much as possible or take back roads instead. Avoid any way possible that will urge you to drive at high speeds, stop-and-go traffic, or use bad driving habits in high heavy traffic.

5. Consider your vehicle’s fuel efficiency

If you’re willing to invest in your car and/or fuel efficiency, consider buying a smaller vehicle, a hybrid, or even an electric car. Cars with manual transmission can also provide you with efficient fuel economy, as well.

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