The NAPA AutoCare Collision and Refinish Warranty

NAPA AutoCare Collision Centers offer the best collision warranty in the industry and is honored at over 600 facilities nationwide. The NAPA AutoCare Collision and Refinish Warranty provides coverage up to lifetime based upon your vehicle ownership. For example, let's say that you decide to move to another state or even across the country and something happens with the repair or refinish on your vehicle. The NAPA AutoCare Collision and Refinish Warranty ensures that you or your Insurance Company will never pay twice for covered repairs and refinishes.

Finance Your Deductible with 0% Financing For Up To 12 Months & Extend Your Repair Warranty with the NAPA EasyPay® Credit Card.

You can pay for your deductible by using the NAPA EasyPay Credit Card and extend the warranty for mechanical repairs associated with your collision damage to 36 months/36,000 miles.*

For Warranty Service & Claims
For warranty service outside a 25 mile radius from Metropolitan Auto Body, please contact the NAPA AutoCare Warranty Administrator at 1-800-452-NAPA (6272). For warranty service inside a 25 mile radius please contact us at



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